Premium Honey Blends

Melimel, in alliance with indigenous producer organizations, proposes a truly special premium selection, made up of four spectacular combinations:

HONEY WITH MACA AND COPAIBO: Bolivian maca, powerful and full of vitality, unites in superb harmony with the sweetness of honey and copaibo, becoming a gift from nature loaded with energy and benefits to nourish our body.


HONEY WITH TURMERIC AND PESOÉ: The golden warmth of turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory potential and vitality is intertwined with the deep sweetness of honey and the wild essence of pesoé.


HONEY WITH GINGER AND LEMON: For those looking for a burst of energy, honey with Bolivian camba ginger and lemon are the perfect guide. Ginger, with its warmth and vigor, intertwines with the freshness of camba lemon, revitalizing your body and soul.


HONEY WITH PASSION FRUIT AND PINEAPPLE: Immerse yourself in a tropical experience with this honey with passion fruit and pineapple, jewels of nature that invite us to savor the intensity of life in each drop combined with honey.

Our premium honeys are carefully packaged in glass jars, and their ingredients are harvested with deep respect for nature and local communities. Each bottle is a testament to our passion for quality and our commitment to generating a positive social and environmental impact.