About Us

Compañía de Alimentos Ltda. DELIZIA is a food and dairy company with 35 years of experience in Bolivia. The business unit focused on international trade is named DELIZIA FOODS. This division specializes in the import and export of food products, raw materials, and finished products, with an annual turnover of USD. 20,000,000. The company seeks to take advantage of its strong presence in the local market to expand globally, capitalizing on its experience in the food industry.

Quinoa, considered a superfood for its nutritional benefits, also features prominently in Delizia Foods’ export strategy. The company intends not only to export quinoa but also to pursue projects that promote its sustainable cultivation and the active participation of local communities in the value chain.

The company will leverage its logistics network and market knowledge to facilitate the efficient exchange of raw materials and finished products internationally. It is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability at all stages of the supply chain.

In a world that increasingly values social responsibility and nature conservation, choosing products that transmit our values goes beyond the mere material. Our exclusive selection of premium honey.

The main focus of this business unit is to export Baru nuts Almonds from the Chiquitania region in Bolivia), honey from the rainforest, and quinoa. The Baru nuts, recognized for their distinctive quality and flavor, are presented as a star product for export. Delizia Foods seeks to establish strategic alliances with local producers to guarantee a constant and sustainable supply of Chiquitano almonds.

Bee honey, another fundamental pillar of the new business unit, stands out for its purity and natural origin. Delizia Foods seeks to promote sustainable beekeeping practices, guaranteeing product quality and traceability. Bolivian honey is positioned as a product in high demand in international markets, where the preference for natural and healthy foods is increasing.